Want to take your business to the next level of impact + income ?

Then it’s time to harness the superpower of your… story.

Here’s the truth:

No one else on this planet has your unique story — and it’s your story that will attract your tribe, and set you apart from everyone else in your industry.

That’s why this January, I want to teach you how to tell it (and sell it) — for free.

Uncover the story that makes you irresistible to dream clients, readers, and customers — and learn how ot use it in your emails, website, ads, social media and more.

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Brand Story Challenge

January 25th – 31st!

Let’s get one thing straight:
Your business = What you do.
Your brand = How you uniquely do it.

That’s why all massively influential companies have one thing in common: Captivating brand stories.

…  Stories that connect with their consumers on a deep, emotional level, and give themselves an edge in their market.

…  Stories that drive every communication in a compelling, consistent way that gets their message across.

…  Stories that turn goals and strategies into consistent sales and powerful profit.

But all too often, brilliant speakers, authors, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs (like you) don’t tell the right stories.

Their “story” sounds like a million others.
Or it doesn’t reach the right people.
Or it makes 0 impact.

So: Cash gets left on the table.

Markets go untapped. Buyers lose interested. Tribes don’t grow.

… but, starting January 25th, all that’s about to change…

January 25th – 31st

Uncover the story that makes you irresistible to dream clients, readers, and customers — and share the narrative that can change lives, and the world.

So far, we’ve helped thousands of newbie business owners and 7-figure ventures alike get crystal clear on their brand stories — and use them to transform hearts and minds, and inspire action. Now, it’s your turn.

Want In?

Join the party when we kick off January 25th.

For 17+ years, I’ve helped newbie business owners and  7-figure ventures alike discover their brand stories.
Now, it’s your turn.

-Jennifer Kem

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s under the hood:


Your story = Your brand’s superpower and secret sauce. It’s the core of your brand’s messaging – from your About Me page on your site, to your story-driven Facebook ads (which always perform best), social posts and blogs, emails, and beyond.

That’s why the Brand Story Challenge is not a static experience. You won’t just learn what story to tell, but how to tell it. You’ll be asked to step up to participate daily, and engage with your tribe and our community, and put yourself out there in a big way — on purpose.

Every day of the Brand Story Challenge,
you’ll get:

A challenge prompt
via email

An accompanying live training in the Brand Story Society Facebook group

An action step to get your story out there in front of potential clients and raving fans every day, so you grow your tribe quickly and easily.

Chances to win prizes, daily love from the tribe, and more.

Day-by-day breakdown:

Day 1

Challenge 1
Identifying Your Essence: Why you? And what do you really do?



Day 2

Challenge 2
Your Catalyst Moment: Do you remember the moment you felt called to start your business? Let’s explore what happened — and what happened next.

Day 3

Challenge 3
What’s your Phoenix Move?: What was your biggest struggle, and how did you rise out of the fire?

Day 4

Challenge 4
What Do You Do Really?: What’s your biggest talent and secret superpower?

Day 5

Challenge 5
A Tribe Called Them: Who is your audience — inside and out? What do they need and want most from you?

Day 6

Challenge 6
Culture & Credo: What will your brand represent? How do you want to make people feel?

Day 7

Challenge 7
Inspired Action: How will you turn your story into action steps? What do you want people to do NEXT after they meet you?


Bonus Challenge
PLUS a top secret bonus event that will help you put everything you learn inside the Brand Story Challenge to work — with total clarity +


At the end of it all?

You’ll have a creative, honest, heartfelt story that bolsters the impact of your brand, and makes it absolutely clear why YOU are the only one who can do what you’ll do. These prompts can be used for your social media, email campaigns, and livestreams.

We also have an exclusive, private group called Brand Story Society that only opens during The Brand Story Challenge, so you don’t want to miss out on the energy, intimacy and authenticity of this experience.

Note: ONLY participate in the Brand Story Challenge if you’re willing to put in the work to tell your epic story. Because crafting it is both art AND science, and this is not a lightweight challenge. I will prompt you to truly dig deep so your brand can bring your ideal clients past the surface glitter to the shimmering you that they’re wanting to work with.

Your business is a story that aches to be told.
Let’s write it. Together.

join in, and strive alongside fellow entrepreneurs to craft your credo – and win the incredible grand prize.

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