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5 days of high-power prompts
to help you:


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… To connect with their consumers on a deep, emotional level.

… To drive every communication in a compelling, consistent way.

… To turn goals and strategies into powerful profit.

… To make their product or service meaningful, trustworthy, and utterly unmistakable.

But, all too often, genius biz owners (like you) don’t tell a story that lands.

Or it doesn’t reach the right people.

Or they even don’t know which story they should tell.


 So, cash gets left on the table.
 Markets go untapped. Buyers lose interest.
 And incredible offerings get forgotten.

but starting Tuesday, August 15th that’s all about to change.

brand-story-challenge-logo-lgA FREE 5-day digital challenge to help you

Uncover your brand’s narrative,
Build a bond of trust with your customers, and
Stand out like a superstar in your industry.

For 17+ years, I’ve helped newbie business owners and 7-figure ventures alike discover their brand stories.

Now, it’s your turn.

– Jennifer Kem

>>> Want In?

Drop your deets below, and join the party when we kick off August 15th.

Here’s the thing: your brand’s story doesn’t come out of thin air.

It’s the soulful combo of your personal flavor + your bigger mission + the unique solution you’re offering.  It has to be real. It has to be succinct. And it has to be good.

Why is it so crucial? Because your story = the foundation of your content & messaging.

Your About Me page on your site, your Speaker One-Sheet, your elevator pitch/cocktail line, and beyond.

That’s why the Brand Story Challenge is not a static experience. You’ll be asked to step up to participate daily, and engage with your tribe and our community.

You’re gonna put yourself out there in a big way — on purpose. Because your brand story is the key to you becoming the Pied Piper of Profit, so this is the kind of party where we do the work before we pop the champagne.

Every day, you’ll get a challenge prompt via email.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s under the hood:





Why you? And what do you really do?







Your catalyst moment: What was your “phoenix move” — and how did you rise out of the fire?






Your Audience Inside n’ Out: A.k.a. Finding + serving your tribe called THEM.







Your talents and secret superpowers: Oh yeah. You got ‘em.






Touch & truth: How do you want to make people feel?





A top secret bonus challenge that will help you develop your very own Brand Manifesto — so you can own your point of view with full clarity + confidence.



At the end of it all?

You’ll have a creative, honest, heartfelt story that bolsters the impact of your brand, and makes it absolutely clear why YOU are the only one who can do what you’ll do. These prompts can be used for your social media, email campaigns and livestreams.


Bottom line: This challenge is about putting your story together, and developing an actionable set of content pieces you can use to market your brand.

We also have an exclusive, private group called Brand Story Society that only opens during The Brand Story Challenge…once it’s over, it’s over until the next one baby, so you don’t want to miss out on the energy, intimacy and authenticity of this experience. All the details on how to join the group will zoom your way when you tell us you’re playing below.

Note: ONLY do the Brand Story Challenge if you’re willing to put in the work to tell your epic story. Because crafting it is both art AND science, and this is not a lightweight challenge. I will prompt you to truly dig deep so your brand can bring your ideal clients past the surface glitter to the shimmering you that they’re wanting to work with.

Your business is a story that aches to be told.

So let’s write it. Together.

Drop your name and email below to join in, and strive alongside fellow entrepreneurs to craft your credo – and win the incredible grand prize.

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